Parent Information

All incoming students to the Dickinson High School will need to stop in at the Central Administration Office (444 4th St W). Hours of operation at Central Office are Monday-Friday 7:30-4:30. Please call 701-456-0002 to schedule an appointment.

Registering your child for school:

Dickinson Public Schools want to make the school registration process as easy as possible for busy parents. We understand moving can be a difficult time, so we will try to keep things simple and easy.

To Alleviate some of the confusion and help parents get all the information they need, and to assist in completing all the proper forms, the district operates a Central Administration Office where everything parents need is under one roof.

Parents of elementary, middle and high school children go to Central Administration to enroll their children in school. This process includes students new to the district, as well as those transferring within the Dickinson area.

How to register your child:

In order to attend a school in Dickinson, new students and their families must complete a Two-Step Process:

Step 1: Registration: Parent/Guardian must schedule an appointment with the Central Administration Office to complete all documents. The family will register all of their school-aged children during this one visit. Children who are enrolling do not need to be present but are welcome.

Click here for Central Office Registration Forms

Step 2: Enrollment: Parent/Guardian will need to call the respected school to schedule an appointment to obtain class information, schedules, and other information unique to the school. The student should be present during this process. Please have a current transcript, exit grades and classes in hand from your previous school when transferring to the high school. If your child is on an Individualized Education Plan, please have a copy with you as well.

We’re here to help!

The goal of the Central Administration Office is to enroll your child in the most efficient manner possible; however, without the required information and/or documents, we will not be able to register your child.

Information regarding Immunization Records will be available soon.